NCT Dream 💭 Shares The First Teaser’s For Their Debut Song “Chewing Gum” 

NCT’s sub-unit group NCT Dream wow fans with teasers for their first music video! At 9 pm KST on August 22nd, NCT Dream released the first music video teaser for their debut song “Chewing Gum.”

 The teasers seem to have a very youthful and innocent theme which is conveyed through their cute pyjamas and them trying to hide from their night guard who keeps checking their dorm. This theme really suits their youthful ages ( which range from 14-17 ). The song seems to have a repetitive and upbeat rhythm to it. 

Below are links to all the current teasers:


Chinese Ver


Chinese Ver 

SM seem to want to also target Chinese fans which in the past has proved to be very successful with groups such as EXO. 

NCT Dream consist’s of seven members who are aged 14 – 17 years old. The members of the group are Jisung, Chenle, Jeno, Haechan, Mark, Renjun, and Jaemin.

Their single “Chewing Gum” will be released on August 27.


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